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fans of flash forward

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Name:What Did You See?
Website:The Mosaic
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Community description:for fans of the ABC show Flash Foward
This is your one stop shop for the ABC series FlashForward as well as Robert Sawyer's novel Flash Forward.

This come is for squee, discussion, fan works and anything else connected with the show and novel. Discussion of the actors and RPF fan works about them are welcome with one caveat, the comm is more concerned with FlashForward than with other projects the actors are involved in. So feel free to squee about John Cho in general and John Cho as Dimitri Noh, but if you want to squee about John Cho as Hikaru Sulu, take it to [community profile] suluismycaptain.

Spoiler Policy: All discussions about episodes must be placed behind cut tags with neutral headers and cut texts. Any fan work must warn for spoilers for at least two weeks after the episode that's spoiled aired. So if you write fic based on episode 01x01 (which airs on September 24) and post it before October 8, you must warn for spoilers.

Other rules: 1. Dont' be a dick. 2. As much as I believe that information should be free, this is an open comm and I do not want to call down the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing. So, please, no links to torrents or uploads of episodes. 3. Don't be a dick.

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aaron stark, bryce varley, dimitri noh, flash forward, flashforward, janice hawk, lloyd simcoe, mark benford, nicole kirby, olivia benford, stanford wedeck, the mosaic
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